fresh install for XFree86-4

C. Ulrich dincht at
Sun Nov 9 08:35:27 PST 2003

On Fri, 2003-11-07 at 19:35, Sham Khalil wrote:
> i  wanted to install openoffice, but a peek into Makefile, it will need
> mozilla.  i do not need mozilla as i have mozilla-firebird. could i skip
> mozilla to install openoffice?

I'm installing openoffice right now. (Gee, I only started it 15 hours
ago and it's still building!)

You probably can't skip the install of mozilla without breaking
something. I don't think that the openoffice port will actually install
all of mozilla 1.0.2. (If it did, I think it would use one of the
mozillas in ports rather than downloading the source and building it
under openoffice's work directory.) Rather, I think it only uses part of
mozilla for building openoffce. What part, I do not know. But I'm almost
positive that after openoffice is (finally) built, you won't have a full
copy of mozilla on your system.

Charles Ulrich

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