freebsd laptop as wireless AP

Vince Hoffman Vince.Hoffman at
Mon May 19 05:07:20 PDT 2003

	I sent this to mobile originaly but maybe someone where can help.

	I've been working at getting an old toshiba tecra 750cdt to work as
a wireless access point using the guide in the handbook, The wireless card
I'm using is a d-link dwl-650 (original that uses the prism2.5 chipset, I
Its all looking good to start, the 3com 3c589 pcmcia lan card connects to
the wired side fine and ifconfig and wicontrol will talk to wi0 but if I try
and tell it to go into hostapp mode (as detailed in the handbook) i get 
wlan-gate# ifconfig wi0 ssid testing channel 7 media DS/11Mbps mediaopt
hostap up stationname "test AP"
ifconfig SIOCSIFMEDIA: Device not configured

Ive narrowed it down so that its the "mediaopt hostap" thats causing the
error, do i need a firmware upgrade or something (i'm using the latest
upgrade d-link provide, 8c2)?

I know the card works as i've tested it (only in adhoc mode though) on a
windows2k machine. 
any suggestions ?

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