syslog server

Chuck Swiger cswiger at
Thu May 15 23:51:39 PDT 2003

Kenzo wrote:
> I was wondering if anyone could point me to some links or tutorial about
> setting up a syslog server to receive logs from several win2k servers and
> FreeBSD servers.

Add something like this to your /etc/rc.conf file:

syslog_flags="-a -vv"

...on the loghost, where you replace the network address with whatever 
is appropriate for your case.  You'll need to configure /etc/syslog.conf 
  on the loghost to do whatever with the various logging types.  On the 
other FreeBSD boxes, refer to the line with @loghost in syslog.conf.

Convincing Win2K to log via syslog is a seperate question, but there are 
  products around which will monitor the event log and send the data to 
a Unix syslog host via various facilities and such.


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