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Lowell Gilbert freebsd-questions-local at
Sun May 11 06:07:34 PDT 2003

pat bey <phaza7 at> writes:

> I Guess I should have mention that I tried rebooting, exit , and ^D.  The only time I can get into multi-user mode is at boot time at the boot promt: load kernel.GENERIC # tried unload first but command wasn't recongized.   But when reboot, shutdown the system or logout. Then  whenever I log back in it automatically puts me back into single-user mode.  The handbook offer the same suggestion that I repeatly tried.  thanxs thou
Your /kernel doesn't boot.  You know that.  But that's what your
system is booting by default each time.  Replace it with a *working*
kernel, and you'll be fine.

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