Update -- Installation of Flash Plugins for Mozilla

Bob Perry rperry4 at earthlink.net
Mon May 5 21:05:09 PDT 2003

I just upgraded to Mozilla-1.3_1,2 and attempted to install flash 
plugins for the first time.  The following instructions were taken from 
section 15.2.2. Mozilla, Java, and Shockwave Flash of the FreeBSD 
Handbook.  I installed flashplugin-mozilla-0.4.10_2 but had some 
difficulty following the instructions.  I was unable to locate 
libflashplayer.so, and ShockwaveFlash.class.  Are the instructions 
current?  If not, please advise.  Thank you.


  "...install the www/flashpluginwrapper 
port. This port requires emulators/linux_base 
which is a large port. True that other *flash* plugins exist, however 
they have not worked for me.

Now copy the *flash* plug-in files with:

# *cp /usr/local/lib/flash/libflashplayer.so \

# *cp /usr/local/lib/flash/ShockwaveFlash.class \

Now add the following lines to the top of (but right
        under #!/bin/sh) *Mozilla* startup script: /usr/X11R6/bin/mozilla.

		export LD_PRELOAD

This will enable the *flash* plug-in."

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