SB Vibra 16 PNP on 5.0, CD output OK, but no mp3/Wav output, while being recognized.

Matthieu Bonavita m.bonavita at
Sun May 4 08:07:10 PDT 2003

Hello everyone.

I'm running on a FreeBSD 5.0 RELEASE p7. I recompiled kernel with 
"device pcm"
and "device sbc" , having a SoundBlaster Vibra 16 PNP ISA.

At the dmesg I got a :

pcm0: <SB16 DSP 4.16 (ViBRA16X)> on sbc0
pcm0:play:0: play interrupt timeout, channel dead

Following the handbook, I do nothing, devfs automatically does what he has to do.

Problem is simple. I got no sound, reading mp3 or wave files. BUT, Audio CD work fine.

I tried under MP3Blaster, where counter remains at 0:00 while reading, and also under mpg123. No explicit errors on output.

If anyone has a clue ?

PS: The soundcard worked well on a previous Debian 3.0 installation.


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