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Wed Jun 25 06:39:17 PDT 2003

I use mimedefang and get this error when it is not running. Its my
understanding that the definition in your .mc file is to tell sendmail where
to look to get a pid for the milter so that it can pipe a message through
it. The milter needs to be started before sendmail.

Try doing the following:

#killall sendmail
#spamass-milter -p var/run/spamass-milter.sock -f
#sendmail -bd

Check your log and see what you've got...

If that didn't work, you may have a permission problem on a related file or

As far as deleting messages if they are spam, with spamass, it looks like
there is a patch available to redirect messages to a different folder. I'm
assuming that you could hack that up a bit and send it to /dev/null, but I
haven't really looked at the patch.

I would suggest going to spamass home page at:

and browse through there support forums.

The easiest way I have used spamassassin for deleting or saving email to a
users folder is with procmail. You can send it to a folder in the users home
dir. named accordingly, or straight to /dev/null. I wouldn't suggest this
route on a high volume mail server though. If you go this route, *****Make
sure you read about the procmail bug that will corrupt the mail file by
removing the 'F' from the first 'From' line of the message. There is however
a simple fix for this.

Mimedefang works awesome. Not only do you get the Spam filtering but you
also get an antivirus scanning as well. Plus the mailling lists are very
informational, and that is a big PLUS++++!!

Let me know if you want to go either of the other two routes and I can help
you out further with those as I have a first hand experience with them.

Hope this helps you out.


Chad Stalvey
Hayes E-Government Resources
cstalvey at

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Hi all,
I have two questions releated to spamass-milter on my FreeBSD box:

1. How do I get rid of these errors?

Jun 25 13:54:15 server sendmail[52687]: h5PBs8Xv052687: Milter
(spamassassin): local socket name /var/run/spamass-milter.sock unsafe
Jun 25 13:54:15 server sendmail[52687]: h5PBs8Xv052687: Milter
(spamassassin): to error state

spamass-milter is started by this line in my (actually .mc
before compile) file:

INPUT_MAIL_FILTER(`spamassassin', `S=local:/var/run/spamass-milter.sock,
F=, T=C:15m;S:4m;R:4m;E:10m')

2. How can I automatically delete messages that gets the X-Spam: Yes flag
set? I want to do this for messages I forward to other server etc. Ie.
virtusertable: johnny at       joh at


Andreas Widerøe Andersen <awand at>
Pragma AS

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