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Sun Jun 15 09:39:02 PDT 2003

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On Sun, Jun 15, 2003 at 12:13:15PM -0400 or thereabouts, Ben Shin seemed to write:
> 1.  I use booteasy to allow me to boot between FreeBSD and Win 2k.
> However, the boot menu has "??" when referring to Win 2k.  Is there
> any way I can configure booteasy so that it'll display "Windows 2000"?

No, there's not.

?? = 2 bytes long
Windows 2000 = 12 bytes long

Not unless you want to try and find space to delete 10 bytes of code in
booteasy :-) Booteasy is only allowed to take up 446 bytes on your hard
drive, and it's just about maxed out. Making "??" longer will push it
over the limit. It actually uses "??" to mean "some partition type I
don't know about", so modifying that will make every partition other
than FreeBSD say "Windows 2000". Or you could add code to differentiate
some more, but as I said, that would push it over the limit :-)

If you want "Windows 2000", use another bootmgr, such as grub.

> 2.  Whenever KDE starts, the GNOME top menu and bottom slide bar
> comes up.  It is quite annoying.  Is there anyway to stop that from
> happening?

Check your ~/.xinitrc and ~/.xsession for any lines containing
'gnome-session'; remove them.

-- Josh

> Thanks alot in advance.
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