USB Flash Memory Drives support under FreeBSD

Vladik Kozin epbox at
Sun Jun 8 21:09:55 PDT 2003

On Sunday 08 June 2003 20:28, you wrote:
> On Sun, Jun 08, 2003 at 07:48:36PM +0400, Vladik Kozin wrote:
> > 	Are such devices as for instance, IBM MagicKey, PQI Intelligent Stick,
> > USBdrive, ThumbDrive and other USB Flash Memory Drives, supported by
> > FreeBSD.  I know most of them are supported by Linux, so one doesn't have
> > to install any drivers before use.
> > 	I've checked Hardware Notes for both 4.8 and 5.0 Releases - nothing
> > approprate :(
> Hi Vladik,
> funnily enough, this has just been discussed over on the -stable list.  The
> consensus seems to be that most USB mass storage devices will just work --
> especially those that don't need any special drivers on Windows or (better
> yet) Linux.  This has certainly been my experience with various memory card
> readers and 'pen drives'.
> Some devices might need a 'quirk' entry adding to the kernel to cope with
> their particular weirdness.  These are pretty easy to add if you don't mind
> rebuilding your kernel.

	I surely never mind doing this :) Once you've got a working source for your 
kernel, you'll never get into big problems, cause each time you need to add 
only a few strings. So, you always can say which strings happened to become a 

> I fully agree that the existing documentation isn't as helpful as it could
> be.  I was going to put together some changes to make it clearer what is
> actually supported, which you have now reminded me about :-)
> Cheers,
> 	Scott

	Thanks for you answer. I was going to buy one of those 'pen drives' for 
myself. Nothing seems to prevent me from doing this now :) I believe its 
always a good idea to check the compatibility of the hardware one's going to 
buy with the OS used.
	Best regards. Vladik

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