Made a big oops and formatted the wrong partition.

Robert J. Lynn Jr. rjlynn at
Thu Jun 5 18:38:08 PDT 2003


I had an NTFS drive containing about 10GB in MP3s.

And my backups of those MP3s, waiting to be burned.

Until today, anyhow, when I deleted the partition, made a FreeBSD partition
in its place, and proceeded to install over it all. I'm using a hex tool to
try and find it on the drive, but I'm not sure how to look, as I'm not sure
what the mkfs process does. Is there any point in even looking, or is it

Sorry to bother the mailing list with something so trivial, but I figured it
wouldn't hurt to try. Please reply to me ( rjlynn at ) as I'm not on
the mailing list.
Thanks in advance.

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