Adaptec 2400A update

Karl Pielorz kpielorz at
Thu Jul 31 12:29:47 PDT 2003

--On 31 July 2003 14:04 -0500 "Kung Foo Ham[p]?ster" 
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> I also have an Adaptec 2400A RAID controller and have problems when my
> system  seems to be having a lot of random hard disk accesses.


We have a 2400A in a heavily loaded 'backup' machine at the office (i.e. 
lots of large IDE drives, storing backups from all the other machines until 
they're spooled to tape) - it's often gzip'ing and storing the data from 
several machines simultaneously, all across a 100Mbit LAN.

We've never [touch wood] had any problems with it so far...

> For a while I've thought that it could be my system over heating.  But
> when my  machine overheats it just powers off abruptly.

I'd be a bit concerned if any machine I'd been using, ever actually had to 
shut itself down for thermal reasons [unless it was, actually faulty].

Remember - weird things can happen before it gets to the 'critical' level 
set by the motherboard [unless it's been set really, really pessimistically 
in the BIOS].

> I have been searching the groups and mail archives for almost a year now.
> I can  only find posts with similar problems but no resolution.  Your
> post appears to  be closer to my problems than others.  There seems to be
> a small handful of ppl  who have mentioned this problem.

I'll agree - I don't particularly like the 2400A - we have a bunch of 3ware 
controllers as well, which seem better supported in FreeBSD, and 3ware 
themselves seem to be more open-source/OS friendly, but we've never had any 
real problems with the 2400A.

> if you managed to read through my ramblings.  Thanks! I hope more people
> will  come out and discuss more about the 2400A.  Even those of you who
> have stable  systems! I would definitley like to know what kind of
> hardware and software  specs you have.  (especially if FreeBSD-5.0 works
> better with this card due to  UFS2 or device drivers or what not.. i
> really have no idea)

The hardware we have it on here is a lowly ASUS K7VML, running FreeBSD 
4.8-STABLE w/784Mb of RAM. The CPU is an AMD Athlon 2000.

I can post you it's dmesg output off list if that might be remotely helpful 
- but just to let you know, there is at least the odd 2400A based system 
out there running under heavy load :)



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