Can you help me find a small (old ?) FreeBSD release?

Vitali Malicky life at
Mon Jul 28 03:52:11 PDT 2003

> Hi,

will this be ok?

> My name is Dorin Scutarasu. I recently read some really interesting
> articles about Unix and the open source comunity and I want to install a
> BSD on my computer.
> I have an old computer (an AMD 80486 DX2 at 80Mhz) with very little disk
> space available(about 50MB). It is running
> Windows 95 but I really want to install an Unix based OS on it (preferably
> FreeBSD).
> I have been searching for an old FreeBSD release on the web that is small
> enough to fit on my computer but I couldn't find one. Could you please
> me find some old releases I could try ?
> The smallest I could find is release 2.2.8 but it's to big, so I need an
> older one. It should be a 10 -15 MB download.
> I don't mind if it woun't have a graphical interface and I'll just be
> typing at the command prompt :-) . It would be great if the release would
> include a C/C++ compiler too.
> Thank you,
> Dorin Scutarasu
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