New Laptop

Roger 'Rocky' Vetterberg listsub at
Sun Jul 27 23:38:32 PDT 2003

Thanjee Neefam wrote:

>I am considering buying a new laptop (my current one is a Dell Inspiron 
>PII-233 without a CD Drive (it broke :( ))
>I just simply want to know if there is a particluar range of laptops that 
>work better with FreeBSD. ie: they use totally standard quality hardware, 
>no panic on installs, also good value for money.
>I have had all good experiences with my Dell Inspiron regarding FreeBSD,
>the time has come to improve my hardware.
>Cheers :)
>/////////// thanjee at \\\\\\\\\\\
>AAFE Audio, Amiga and FreeBSD Enthusiast :p
>\\\\\\\\\ //////////
Ive been using a Dell Latitude C840 for 6 or so months now, and Ive had 
very little if any problems with it.
Onboard nic works great, PCMCIA is no problem, sound and graphics in X 
worked on first try, even the dockingstation and its extra connections 
works great under FreeBSD. The only thing I havent tried is the onboard 
modem. It might work, I just never tried since I havent had any use for it.
The Latitude is one of Dell's top modells, so you could easily find a 
cheaper laptop. However, if you dont mind paying a few extra bucks, its 
worth it.


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