I want using FreeBSD, but...

Roger 'Rocky' Vetterberg listsub at 401.cx
Fri Jul 25 05:16:02 PDT 2003

Rissland, Thorsten wrote:

>...i'm a christian.
>Why is the Logo of FreeBSD an devil????
>What have an oparating System to do with the devil????
>Of course, there is something like daemon's (under Windows called services)
>but this is not the meaning of deamon!!!
>I think the meaning of daemon is
>e=?  (i don't know)
>So what has this to with an Deamon???
>Please answer me.
This is explained at the FreeBSD website at 
The symbolic refers to "daemon", not deamon, and it has nothing to do 
with satan, the devil, evil powers or anything even remotely religious.

 From the FreeBSD website:

"`Daemon'' is actually a much older form of ``demon''; daemons have no 
particular bias towards good or evil, but rather serve to help define a 
person's character or personality. The ancient Greeks' concept of a 
``personal daemon'' was similar to the modern concept of a ``guardian 
angel'' --- ``eudaemonia'' is the state of being helped or protected by 
a kindly spirit. "

I hope this helps, freebsd is really a great operating system and I hope 
you wont let religion or politics stop you from using it.


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