syslog.conf .err destination (Was: Any way to stop a remote box gone crazy?)

sedwards at sedwards at
Thu Jul 24 09:54:31 PDT 2003

When he got to it, it had all sorts of error messages about VM and paging 
on the console.  But he could not login so I had him reboot it.  But 
apparently the logger quit storing messages in the messages file about 1 
A.M., the next messages were the reboot messages at 18:00. 
How does it work if I change it to send the messages to a remote host? 
Quoting sedwards at 
> Hello I have a remote machine running FreeBSD 4.8 that runs my internet  
> radio station ( and it has gone wacky.  
> will be several hours before anyone can get to it to reboot it.  I have 
> ssh login prompt that is still live, but anytime I try to execute a  
> command I get either a Segmentation Fault or if I try to "su" I get an  
> Abort trap.  If I try to ssh into it now I get:   
> ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host  
> The bad thing is that it is still streaming the same songs over and over 
> (I hope the RIAA doesn't find out ;-).  
> Does anybody have any ideas I could try to stop, kill, or reboot it 
> before  
> we can get to it physically?  
> Thanks  
>   -Scott  
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