lyx/ispell NL error

dick hoogendijk dick at
Mon Jul 21 00:42:00 PDT 2003

I have ispell installed on my fbsd-48 system with american (default) and
dutch (nederlands.hash) language support.
The default is english/american, so if I want to lookup a dutch word I
have to do "ispell -d nederlands ; <word>"

This may not be the wisest installation on a dutch system (???)

Whenever I use LyX with dutch settings and babel and want to call the
spellchecker (ispell) I get an error like "can't find a file for
language NL" or something like that. It seems that at least LyX knows it
needs to work w/ dutch ;-)) I can't solve the spellchecking though.

I made a symlink from nederlands.hash to nl.hash and dutch.hash but that
did nothing good.

I'm not sure where to look: is it something in ispell or in LyX, or a
forgotten setting in FreeBSD?
Any dutch FreeBSD users here also working with LyX?

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