trouble mounting NetBSD file system

nmanisca nmanisca at
Sun Jul 20 14:39:45 PDT 2003

>===== Original Message From Malcolm Kay <malcolm.kay at> =====
>On Sun, 20 Jul 2003 12:41, nmanisca wrote:
>> I can't seem to mount one of my two NetBSD file systems.  One mounts fine,
>> the other is not 'seen' by FreeBSD.
>> I have two disks.  The first disk has two NetBSD file systems (/ and /disk)
>> and one swap area.    All three live in BIOS partition #4.
>> The second disk has one FreeBSD file system (/) and one swap area.  These
>> live in BIOS partition #1.
>> I boot to FreeBSD-5.1 and the kernel sees my disks as ad0 (my first disk)
>> and ad1(my second disk).  In /dev I see only two ad0* devices, ad0 and
>> ad0s4.  I suppose ad0s4 corresponds to the #4 BIOS parition of my first
>> disk.  I can mount this just fine; it looks like NetBSD's / (NetBSD calls
>> it wd0a).
>Under FreeBSD 4.x the BSD partitions on the first disk would be ad0s4a and
>ads04e; and if you want the swap partition ad0s4b.
>ad0s4 is actually the address of the entire BIOS partition(slice).
>If this is the only slice with a BSD disklabel then ad0a, ad0e and ad0b 
>be legitimate alternative names. (All I suspect very similar to NetBSD, using
>ad in place of wd -- historically it was also wd in FreeBSD)

I would expect to see these devices in /dev, but they're just not there.

>If the devices with a,b and e suffixes don't exist you may need to make them
>using /dev/MAKEDEV.
>FreeBSD 5.x may be a little different (and outside my ken) but the clues
>should be in the above.

I think devfs is supposed to make the device nodes itself.  The man page for 
MAKEDEV says it's been deprecated.  Time for me to learn more about devfs.

I'm reverting to 4.8 now to see if the device shows up.


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