IMAP stealing mail??

Ralph Huntington fbsd at
Wed Jul 16 06:19:39 PDT 2003

> K, i'm using imap-uw on my mailserver and am using horde
> squirrelmail on my webserver.  Once I grab my mail using
one of these
> webmail clients it's as if it's actually popping the mail
from the
> mailserver instead of just imapping it so when i go to my
desktop mail
> client it says I have no mail yet unless I have not used
the webmail
> client for a while, if you go to the webmail client it
shows a ton of
> mail, what's the deal?

Sounds like squirrelmail is set to POP3 instead of IMAP.
Just a guess as I'm not familiar with squirrelmail, but
that's what it sounds like is happening.

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