second cd drive sound

frank brierley frank_n_brierley at
Tue Jul 15 21:38:49 PDT 2003


I have a freebsd 4.8 machine a dvd player and a cd writer installed.  
Freebsd can mount data disks on both drives /dev/acd0c and /dev/acd1a - I'm 
not sure what the 'a' and 'c' do.  Both drives have the audio lines 
attached to the system board, one into the normal cd jack and the other 
into an auxiliary jack, but only one (the cd jack) will play and audio cd 
out loud.  Although windows 2000 can play audio cds from both drives.

Is there a way of seeing if freebsd discovers the audio jack, and if so how 
would you find the right device to make and/or kernel option to add?

The system board is a shuttle AK32a board with an Athlon installed.

Thanks in advance


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