postfix freebsd port with vda patch

Alfonso Romero ibac at
Tue Jul 15 12:02:35 PDT 2003

Thanks for your advice, it worked without any problems.

I tested it on a spare FreeBSD server. Now I want to update and patch
postfix on my production server. Is there a way I could do that without
having to shut off my production server for too much time?


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Subject: Re: postfix freebsd port with vda patch

> Is there a postfix port for freebsd that includes the vda
> patch from www.oavnet/vda?

You can easyly do it yourself. CVSup your ports collection to get the
latest postfix port, then run 'make patch' and select the desired
options (sasl, ...).

Now download the patch to the ports work directory, gunzip and apply it
(patch < patch-file).

All you have to do now, is to resume the build (cd ..; make build).


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