configuring dial-up for extreme novices (i.e. Mom).

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Yes you can do what you have described. User ppp has a mode that
will not dial out until network services are needed by user. Give
your Mom a script to run which will start fetchmail, user ppp will
automatically start and call your ISP and connect, fetchmail will
complete. Then have commands in script to kill fetchmail and user
ppp, and start Mutt to read mail from postfix.

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Subject: configuring dial-up for extreme novices (i.e. Mom).

Hi folks,

My mom has been using FreeBSD via DSL for some time.  I'm about to
move her to dial up.  I'm going to use userland ppp and postfix.

My initial untested idea is to create a script for her which will:
- ppp --dial HerISP,
- wait for the connection to come up
- then flush the mail queue
- run fetchmail to grab anything waiting
- kill the connection

Anyone already done this?  Any suggestions?

I originally asked this back in March, but now the time has come to
actually do the work.  The original thread is
Dan Langille :

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