Question on /etc/make.conf for upgrade to 4.8R

Lin Jianfong ljfong at
Sun Jul 13 12:38:28 PDT 2003

However, I do use tcsh for shell operations and sh for scripting. I can see 
the merit of not building BIND as you said. I checked the ports, and these 
programs also exists in ports, I guess I can always build and install from 
port after a fresh port cvsup if I need to later on.


>On Sun, Jul 13, 2003 at 02:52:41AM -0700, Lin Jianfong wrote:
> > I'm wondering about this group of options :
> >
> > # To avoid building various parts of the base system:
> > #NO_CVS=  true  # do not build CVS
> > #NO_BIND= true  # do not build BIND
> > ...
> > #NOSHARE= true  # do not go into the share subdir
> > #NOUUCP=  true  # do not build uucp related programs
> >
> > Aren't some of the parts of the base system supposed to be upgraded 
> > such as tcsh, bind, cvs, lpr, etc or are they not really part of the 
> > system ? I'm planning to upgrade a 4.7 box to 4.8.
>Yes.  As I understand it, however, you can still not build some of them,
>which would be useful if you're not using that service.  For example:
>many people won't be using BIND on their box.  Some people use bash, or
>korn shells and therefore csh/tcsh are redundant.
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