new bootable drive

Casey Scott cscott at
Thu Jul 10 11:03:32 PDT 2003

I need to replace the drive that my fbsd boots from. I have read the
documentation on how to format, and copy files to a drive.  e.g.:

To move file from your original base disk to the fresh new one, do:

# mount /dev/ad2 /mnt
# pax -r -w -p e / /mnt
# umount /mnt
# mount /dev/ad2 /

I am not sure if that procedure will copy the necessary bootstrap data to
the new disk. I do not want to use a ghosting utility because I need a new
partition scheme on the new drive. Will the procedure above copy EVERYTHING
from / to the new /  making it a replacement for the bootable disk?  If not,
what is the best procedure for that?


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