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Quick search on google, brought up the following:

If you use the "-r" option to the restore command, it will create this file.
This is a "checkpoint" file, which the restore command uses when you are 
from multiple tapes.  For example, suppose you had a level 0 (full) dump tape
from a week ago and a level 1 (incremental) dump tape from yesterday and 
you need
to restore the entire disk.  You would run the "restore -r" command on the 
full dump
tape first, and then on the incremental dump tape to pick up the latest 
The restore command with the -r option assumes that additional restores may be
coming and so creates that restoresymtable file as an aid to help the next 
command determine which directories or files need updating, creating, or 

The restore "-x" option does not create this file, because it assumes no 
restores are coming.

After you are finished restoring your disk, you SHOULD remove the 
file.  You do not want this file to appear on your next dump backup.  If a 
dump with
that file is used for a future restore operation, the old restoresymtable file
could end up overwriting the one that is being created at that time.


At 11:02 PM 7/9/2003 +0200, you wrote:
>Inspecting the /usr directory I came across a >10MB file called
>Anybody got some idea where this came from?
>Can I safely delete it?
>How could it be created in the first place?
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