What program let you finish typing a file name when you hit ESC.

Jerry McAllister jerrymc at clunix.cl.msu.edu
Tue Jul 8 06:14:29 PDT 2003

> What program let you finish typing a file name when you hit ESC?

The shell tcsh does this, except that it uses TAB instead of ESC.  
I think that is safer.   Probably some other more modern shells also 
do something like this.

Just type /bin/tcsh  (or /usr/local/bin/tcsh - depending on which version
you have somewhere in OS 4.xx FreeBSD began putting tcsh in /bin as part
of the standard distribution)  and then you are working in that shell.   
You can also put this shell in your /etc/passwd file as your login in 
shell (providing you have permission to modify the passwd file).   Then 
you will automatically be in that shell when you log in.   

Just a caution:  Don't use a shell for root in the /etc/passwd file that 
is not in the root file system.   So, if you have a /usr file system, for 
example, don't use /usr/local/bin/tcsh or whatever because it might not be 
available if that other file system cannot be mounted for some reason.   
But, /bin/tcsh should always be OK, since almost no-one (in their right 
mind) would make /bin a separate file system.   You can make a copy 
of /usr/local/bin/tcsh in /bin if that is your situation)

Use either chsh(1) or vipw(8) to modify the passwd file.

Also, make sure that this shell - full path - is listed in /etc/shells.


> Dan

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