oddity regarding execution

Neil W Rickert sendmail+rickert at sendmail.org
Sat Jul 5 19:13:18 PDT 2003

Kirk Bailey <idiot1 at netzero.net> wrote:

>Well, when the alias fed the message to it, it barked. 'unknown mailer error 1' says the 
>log. Ran it with the sample file, worked fine; even modified the testcase a little, 
>still fine. Hmmmm... So I added a line to the script, so it would open a file and write 
>it's current path, and very carefully detailed EXACTLY where this file lived, having a 
>suspicion. BARK! Although it still barked like a dog, it gave me my confirmation; when 
>executed by an alias, it thinks the cwd is '/'!!! I modified the script to point EXACTLY 
>to the location of the recipient file of the data, and all was now well, either way.

>HHMMMMMMMMMMMMM..... is this a freebsd quriosity, a sendmail quriosity, or what all? And 
>is there anything I can do so the cwd will be the dir the script is living in?

Actually, this is just the way shell scripts work.

If you run your script from another directory, specifying the full
path, the shell will not change to the directory containing the
script (unless the script does this).


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