make world issue

Thanjee Neefam thanjee at
Sat Jul 5 02:49:25 PDT 2003

I was playing around with one of my machines (non mission-critical -
mainly used for experimenting) and I decided to try updating my sources.
I am running 5.0r. I didn't have any sources on my machine (other than
kernel) so I used /stand/sysinstall to add all sources. I then used cvsup
with the standard-supfile to update all sources. I then did a make world,
make kernel and rebooted.

When I logged back in again, root no longer had a password, my users were
gone, and other settings were reset such as the ppp.conf and ttys. Other
settings like X11/XF86Config were fine. Now I can slowly fix all the
mixing parts and reedit conf files, but I would just like to know why
most of them were reset? 
I think the reason it broke was because /stand/sysinstall overwrote my
config files when I added all sources. Is this assumption correct? Or did
I perhaps lose them at a later stage? Is there someway for this not to
happen in the future?


/////////// thanjee at \\\\\\\\\\\
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/////////// thanjee at \\\\\\\\\\\
AAFE Audio, Amiga and FreeBSD Enthusiast :p
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