IDE reboot after power outage problem

Gerard Samuel gsam at
Thu Jul 3 20:11:24 PDT 2003

Make sure the IDE disk entry in fstab has a "2" in the last field.
Check with the fstab man page for more details..

Alex Teslik wrote:

>My system used to be an all SCSI system. After rare power outages the system
>would automatically fsck the disks and boot up.
>Recently I added an IDE drive to the system. Now, after power outages the
>system boots and when it gets to the ide drive it prompts for single user mode
>shell. I drop into single user mode, fsck all the disks so they are marked
>clean, and reboot.
>Why is the system not automatically fsck'ing the disk on boot, and is there
>some setting I need to enable to return to the old desired behavior?

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