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esayer1 at esayer1 at
Thu Jul 3 17:01:14 PDT 2003


	I have a question related to the case on my computer.  I have a Aspire
X-Sonic shown at the link below.  I was wondering if it would be possible to
replace all the 5.25" CD-ROM size plastic pieces with one piece that would
conceal all the drives behind it.  The piece would be openable and all the
drives would be behind it, almost like putting in a CD-ROM drive and leaving
the plastic piece on, except i would be putting in all the drives and
leaving one big plastic piece on.  Another picture is also at the second
link of a Dell PC with somewhat of what i am looking for.  So the front
would look relatively the same but the drives that are there in the picture
would be replaced with some type of a door like mechanism.  I would do this
for the Floppy slots too, providing that it is possible.  Do the make drive
doors like that, or would it be a custom job.  If it does have to be a
custom job, how do you reccommend going about it?  E-mail me back.

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