FReeBSD 5.1 and Promise TX4

Joachim Dagerot jd at
Thu Jul 3 13:58:48 PDT 2003

On Thu, 2003-07-03 at 22:35, Andrew Batson wrote:
> Hello,
> 	Has nay one gotten FreeBSD 5.1 Release to install on a system that
> has both a Promise Ultra 66 and a Promise TX4 controller cards. The Promise
> Ultra 66 controller controls one 20GB hard disk drive (which I would like to
> be the boot disk) and the Promise TX4 has 4 HD's configured in raid mode 01.

For what it's worth:

I have a similar configuration, (other disks though).

And I dont boot on a disk controlled by Promise, but I do have my /home
and /usr located on a raid-5 system controlled by Promise TX2.

I didn't do anything on the disks controlled by Promise during
installation, instead I installed a software RAID controller and started
to move various mounts to the RAID system.

(Phu, it sounds so simple when I wrote that, believe me if I tell it
wasn't, just because I'm one of those idiots that still think it's best
to try out without the manual first. :-)

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