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Jim Xochellis dxoch at escape.gr
Thu Jul 3 01:11:12 PDT 2003

Hi Matthew, hi list,

On Wednesday, July 2, 2003, at 07:04 PM, Matthew Seaman wrote:


>     samba can also generate a lot of log files depending on
>     configuration.  However, it also can be configured to put out all
>     of it's logging information via syslog(3).  Samba is also capable
>     of recycling it's own log files.  See the 'max log size' entry in
>     smb.conf:
>     http://samba.mirror.ac.uk/samba/docs/man/smb.conf.5.html#MAXLOGSIZE

A Very useful peace of information! Thanks, I haven't noticed that.

>> I am thinking about changing the newsyslog instead (adding an option)
>> but I am such a newbie in Unix, makefiles and all this stuff (except 
>> c)
> Go for it.  The ideal would probably be to add another flag to the
> 'flags' column to go with the BCGJNUWZ- flags it already understands,
> so that you can apply the 'file descriptor friendly' method of

Thats exactly what I had in my mind.

> updating on a per-file basis.  Unless you're going to be adding whole
> new files to the newsyslog sources, then you shouldn't need to modify
> any Makefiles at all.

It seems I am lucky :-)

Best Regards,

Jim Xochellis

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