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Ruslan Sulemanov admin at
Wed Jul 2 04:18:50 PDT 2003

KH> On Wed, 2 Jul 2003, Ruslan Sulemanov wrote:
>> I'm try configuration NAT (ipfw + natd),
>> how i need start natd ?
>> Kernel options:
>> options IPDIVERT
>> options IPFIREWALL
KH> /etc/rc.conf:
KH> firewall_enable="YES"           # Set to YES to enable firewall functionality
KH> firewall_type="open"            # Firewall type (see /etc/rc.firewall)
KH>                ^
KH>                Or whatever you want ...
KH> natd_enable="YES"               # Enable natd (if firewall_enable == YES).
KH> natd_interface="de0"            # Public interface or IPaddress to use.
KH>                 ^
KH>                 Fill in here the device name of your network adapater.

I do it. How i can start natd?
in my /etc/rc.firewall this rules:
ipfw -f flush
ipfw add divert natd all from any to any via fxp0
ipfw add allow all from any to any

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