Installation failure with version 4.9

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Mon Dec 29 10:15:13 PST 2003

Sounds like you are trying to customize the slices during the
install process and you are getting it wrong. Use the A option to
auto config the slices for you with an default slice config that
works and you should be all right from there. You sound like newbe
who needs to get an base install completed and some experience under
your belt before you start customizing the install process.

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Subject: Installation failure with version 4.9

After many attempts, I am giving up.
Brand new motherboard with AMD DURON, 128 MB of DDR memory with
Western Digital hard disk 64AA.
Following instructions, the farther I could get is with the
following messages:
(1) Unable to swap to /dev/ad0s/b, device not configure or invalid
(2) Unable to make new root file system on /dev/ad0s1a
I am using only one operating system, the intended FreeBSD with one
slice and 3 partitions, a root of 4 gig, a SWAP of 512 mg, and the
rest for /home.
Shall I try with another release?
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