Websites inside jails - backing up

Chris bsdnewbie at
Mon Dec 29 09:44:42 PST 2003


Currently I have a few virtual websites running off one instance of apache... I have a few public IPs available, and would like to create jails to house the websites. I tested this by creating a jail, putting it on one of the extra IP addresses, and running apache from within the jail... works fine.

Right now, to backup a website (currently on the host server) I copy the important things to a temp directory, including (and most importantly) the htdocs directory, create an iso, then burn to a CDRW.

But what about when the site is within a jail? I notice I can get to /path/to/jail/path/to/htdocs, so can I similarly just copy the appropriate files/directories for backup purposes? Or is there something magical about being "inside" the jail that makes this difficult or improper?


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