Messed up vinum volumes

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Thu Dec 25 15:46:59 PST 2003

On Wednesday, 24 December 2003 at 13:40:17 +0100, feczo at wrote:
> Well, I realy need help with this ...
> I had 2 volumes on my system. I have two identical 30Gb
> hard disk, I made one 25G, and a 3G partiton both, and
> created a 25G mirror volume, and a 6Gig concatenated
> volume (used as /usr) from these with vinum. It has
> operated very vell, since I wanted to install additional
> 2 drives (both identical 80G) but they already had data
> on them (they were being operational in another machine as 2x80G
> stripeset). Problem was .. I think .., that both the new
> volumeset (2x80), and the old concatenated (2x3) were
> being used under the same name : vol (/dev/vinum/vol).
> Furthermore I have a small partition used as root partition
> /dev/ad0sa1 128Mb on the original system, and
> the /dev/ad2sa1 128Mb used as swap, so the rest
> went for the vinum volumes.
> When I added the 2 piece of 80G drive and started
> the system with 4 physical drives in it, I got an
> error, that all volumes except root partition has
> errors, and kicked back to single user mode.

At this point, it was still possible to save the data.

> I fsck-ed the mirror volume (I guess it was wrong :( but maybe not
> ... I only had one question, and said yes to salvage)

That could be OK.  It's difficult to say now.

> After that I wanted to check usr and got IO error. It come to my
> mind that the old and new volumes may have the same name, so I have
> removed the 2 \"new\" drives, and had a quick look on vinum list
> after started with the original 2 drives only and realized the
> following :
> 4 drives
> D d1    state: up       /dev/ad0s1d     A:3007/3008MB 100%
> D d3    state: up       /dev/ad0s1e     A:25428/25429MB 100%
> D d2    state: up       /dev/ad2s1d     A:3007/3008MB 100%
> D d4    state: up       /dev/ad2s1e     A:0/25429MB 0%

You shouldn't have more than one drive per spindle.

> D vinumdrive0 state:referenced          A:0/0MB
> D vinumdrive1 state:referenced          A:0/0MB
> D *invalid*   state:referenced          A:0/0MB

These last ones are hopefully the drive names of the drives you

> 2 volumes
> V vol           state: down     Plexes: 1       Size: 149Gb
> V mirror        state: down     Plexes: 2       Size:  24Gb
> 3 plexes
> P vol.p0        S state: faulty Subdisks: 2     Size: 149G
> P mirror.p0     C state: faulty Subdisks: 1     Size:  24G
> P mirorr.p1     C state: faulty Subdisks: 1     Size:  24G
> 4 subdisks
> S vol.p0.s0     state: crashed  D: vinumdrive0 Size: 74GB
> S vol.p0.s1     state: crashed  D: vinumdrive1 Size: 74Gb
> S mirror.p0.s0  state: crashed  D: *invalid*   Size: 24Gb
> S mirror.p1.s0  state: stale    D: d4          Size: 24Gb

Hmm.  It looks as if you have saved the configuration for the new
drives on the old drives.

> So vol seems to be complettly wrong, since it can not be containing
> 74Gb subdisks, since the whole physical disk is 30Gb only. Mirror
> subdisks size is ok, but mirror is out of sync no doubt, but I have
> absolutly no exeperience, whith such a situation, so a more
> experienced, please help.

Your best hope is to find the original configuration file you used to
create the subdisks on the disks you still have.  If you can do that
and apply them, you may be able to save the situation.  Alternatively,
if you've made the mistake of putting only one subdisk per drive, and
you can remember which had what, you may be able to recreate the
configuration file like that.

I'll do some thinking about how to stop this kind of problem happening

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