rsync and unattended ssh syncing 2 machines

Brent Bailey misterb at
Sat Dec 20 16:46:04 PST 2003

ive been trying to get rsync to work with  unattended SSH and syncing of
file systems
between 2 machines running FBSD 4.9RC. I have rsync installed and i run a
script like



fslist="/var/mail /var/db/mysql /usr/local/www/data /user2"

    for fs in $fslist ;
      /usr/local/bin/rsync -avz --delete ${remote}:${fs}/ ${fs}/

but when i tail the logs of the remote machine i see..
Dec 20 19:23:26 doppleganger sshd[24493]: Failed password for root from port 4476

Anyone have any good luck with doing this ? suggestions ?? any all all
help is greatly appreciated


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