Different versions of ports...

Scott W wegster at mindcore.net
Sat Dec 20 13:25:40 PST 2003

John Wilson wrote:

>Hi folks,
>I've recently started playing around with X and various desktop managers.
>There is one point that seems a little troublesome however...  after
>recently browsing about the installed ports/packages on my system, it
>appears that different programs require different versions of one
>particular package.  Here is one such instance:
>glib-1.2.10_10                      =   up-to-date with port
>glib-2.2.3                          =   up-to-date with port
>Is this going to cause any trouble at some later point?  If so, what would
>be the best way to remove the earlier version and be sure that only the
>newest version remains?
>Thank you for your help,
>John W.
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Have the same on my system- glib looks to be a C library of utilities, 
I'm not familar enough with freebsds various package tools to generate a 
list of forward/backward dependencies on it, but perusing 
/var/db/pkg/glib-<version>/+CONTENTS looks like 'pkgconfig' is the only 
dependency for the earlier version, while Perl, gettext, the iconv 
library and a few others are dependent on the newer version (unless I'm 
reading the file deps backwards..).

Both packages install in mutually exclusive directories (with versions 
built into dir names), so it shouldn't be a problem...


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