sharity-light/winxp issues

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Tue Dec 16 10:17:50 PST 2003

hi all
i almost have sharity-light working well enough to be able to map a windows share to my freebsd5.1 box.

the two machines are: 
1. Freebsd 5.1-RELEASE, DHCP but i'm using to map the address of '' to this machine, ipfilter enabled
2. Windows Xp pro, DHCP but i'm using to map the address of '' to this machine, windows xp built in firewall turned on

i'm able to successfully map a windows share on the winxp machine using

as root:
shlight // /mnt/win -U username -P password

in order to do this i had to disable the built in windows firewall on the winxp box. is there a way to do this without having to disable the built in windows firewall entirely? or is there a way to set up a stateful connection from a specific ip address using the windows built in firewall? (i doubt it)

also - if you notice, i've had to use the ip address in my line above. i have to use the ip address, and to put the following line in my /etc/hosts to get this working machine2

i'd really like to use 'machine2' or' in my sharity-light command, but it doesn't seem to like it (says either machine name doesn't exist or is too long). this kind of defeats the purpose of using for dhcp mapping to a hostname. is there any way around this, so i don't have to edit my /etc/hosts every time my ip address changes?

any comments welcome...

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