Networking and connection sharing

Ivan Mosic mosic at beotel.yu
Fri Dec 12 15:01:40 PST 2003

As I'm about to create a kind of a WAN in my area, and I'm having a
specific problem, a friend adviced me to install FreeBsd. Problem is
that this WAN would be connected to the internet with 1Mbit/s
connection, and what I want is that connection to the Internet is
shared to other users so that some of them get maximum of 64Kbit/s,
some will get 128Kbit/s, and so on. I still want these other
computers to be on WAN with 10/100 Mbits, so these limitations must be
made on server. Is my problem solvable with FreeBSD (as my friend told
me) or not?
Thanks in advance
Ivan Mosic,
college student,
Serbia and Montenegro

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