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Sat Dec 6 17:07:13 PST 2003

If you've already built the environment, you're halfway to having a
jail(8) - this extends chroot(8) by creating a private process tree and
network interface. You can run an entire system inside a jail, including
sshd(8) to accept logins.

For ftp logins, ftpd(8) has builtin support for chrooting certain users -
see ftpchroot(5). There is also support for chrooting logins in the
version of sshd - I believe this is /usr/ports/security/ssh2, but I haven't

Apart from this, I don't know a 'standard' way of doing it.

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Subject: chroot environment

> I am trying to setup a chroot environment for some users.  I rebuilt the
> environment inside their userdir, copied all the appropriate binaries,
> etc.  The part I am stumped on, is how do you make it so their account
> chrooted on login.  Since chroot can only be executed by root.  Some of
> docs I found created a shell script that would sudo chroot and run it on
> login.  I am just wondering what everyone else recommends.
> Thanks
> Nick Twaddell
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