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Scott W wegster at
Fri Dec 5 17:33:19 PST 2003

Gary Lum wrote:

>I have two questions, the first regarding CVSup and
>cron jobs, the second about port upgrade.
>I've gotten cvsup working correctly. It is following
>5_1_RELENG and "." for ports. I want to do a daily
>check using crontabs and have created one under root.
>However, my daily mail says that it can't find cvsup.
>IS this just a simple fix by putting in the full path
>or am I missing something?
cron jobs generally need their PATH set explicitly, as I don't believe 
they source even /etc/ it's always a good idea to use 
explicit pathnames...

>  I was following the portupgrade tutorial for
>upgrading your installed ports at onlamp. 
>I ran "portupgrade -arR" about 9pm on Thursday. It is
>now 5pm on Friday and it's STILL running.
> My box isn't the fastest on the block, but it is a
>Dual P2 300 (running SMP) with 256 megs of RAM and am
>running X , Apache2, and PHP aside from the standard
> I guess my question is more a concern in that I
>inadvertantly installed ALL the ports in the
>collection. Did I? Manning portupgrade, the -a says
>"upgrade all INSTALLED" with the "r"'s being forward
>and backwards recursive, but 20 hours?

Highly possible if you have software like X and OpenOffice installed....


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