pcm/TP 600 works fine (was Re: <jesse@wingnet.net> pcm/TP600 works fine (was Re: pcm problems in 5.1 w/thinkpad)

Zhang Weiwu weiwuzhang at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 2 21:04:26 PST 2003

Hello. I'm running pcm on Thinkpad 600 (FreeBSD 4.9 RC3) without any 

It looks like your kernel is compiled with option PNPBIOS, these devices 
that "unknown, cannot assign resources" are  unknown PNP devices, 
usually of no importantance (from my previous experience). These PNP 
devices seems have nothing to do with pcm0, they are just luckly to be 
printed right after pcm.

Try to play some music, use mixer(8). Perhaps you already have a working 

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