very intresting question about groups

Simon Barner barner at
Tue Dec 2 07:25:48 PST 2003

Konstantin Gritsenko schrieb am Tue, Dec 02, 2003 at 03:48:42PM +0200:
> 	./sys/sys/syslimits.h:
> 	#define   NGROUPS_MAX                16
> 	/* max supplemental group id's */
> how to explain this limitation?

I can see two reasons for this implementation:

1) It's easier to implement. Of course, one could use a data structure
that grows dynamically, but that would be an additional source of error,
and it might be less efficient.

2) For most purposes, 16 gids per uid should be more than enough.

> and what can be if i increase this value and make "make World"

I'd say yes. (If none of the code uses a hardcoded 16 but the
NGROUPS_MAX define, but I am sure that this is the case).

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