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Sat Aug 23 03:31:26 PDT 2003

I may have more than enough stuff and junk here that i could donate to you.  The only problem is i wouldnt have any idea on how you would like me to send it.   The price alone would cost me a Fortune.  How do you suggest on handleing this?   Otherwise the Equipment i have available im willing to Donate to FreeBSD.   The thing is about me is that if its helping FreeBSD and any other OS that is out there, to get rid of Microsofts Crap they are putting on the shelfs.   I would break a arm and a leg in the process to help.  Although ive never been a FreeBSD user.  Im looking into it at the moment and hopefully FreeBSD is the best step for me.  If not well then life gos on.   But i know your team can help me out by cleaning out my storage room with all my clutter.  Also theres 4 warehouses in my area that i get equipment from home that have Sun Sparc Workstations and some Old Storage Racks for SUN also.   Along with alot of HP products.    plenty of Compaq pcs with Monitors and up
  to date
 Hardware that the local services in this town dispose of and the school districts and colleges trash there junk.    But im not complaining though.    I got 5 servers from them so im happy.   Im sure they will make your day also.   Ill be able to get a list of Hardware and parts of everything probbaly within the next two days.     I will be able to forward the data to the handlers of donations and well we can work out a plan on this. 
M.Fay Xerosoft Security

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