I have bad sectors.....

Denis intraden at mail.ru
Wed Aug 13 12:13:17 PDT 2003

Can I use this HDD (with bad sectors) just to keep my files?
this hard has 10 gb!
Or i must discard this hard?
I tried to restore hdd but my attempts was fall:((((
When I done format HDD, i get statics:
4.40mb not free (i don't know how it in english.....)
9.96 mb free...
But it hard is free.... but why 4.40?

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> "Denis" <intraden at mail.ru> writes:
> > I have bad sectors on my HDD where is FreeBSD.
> > And FreeBSD when i try login i get 'pager' message:
> > Ad1: hard error.... I/O read failure
> > It's maybe cause i have bad sectors?
> It's some kind of hardware failure on the disk access.  If it's always
> the same sectors, then you do have bad sectors, and it's time to
> replace the disk.

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