Traceroute issue

Lowell Gilbert freebsd-questions-local at
Thu Aug 7 20:02:50 PDT 2003

questions <questions at> writes:

> I'm stumped. Running 4.8-RELEASE #9 I try to perform a traceroute to my
> ISP's gateway and I get nothing returned past my LAN gateway which is a
> NetGear Cable/DSL wireless Router model-MR814. But when I change hard
> drives and start-up the same box with Windows-2000 Server all traceroutes
> work just fine. In fact all machines running windows on the LAN have no
> problem getting results using the tracert command via a command window
> prompt. My ip settings are set at the same ip and netmask []
> on both the windows hard-drive as the FreeBSD hard-drive. I've looked
> every-where I can think of and see nothing wrong with the config. All
> other commands and services and processes seem to be working just fine, it
> is just this one command that returns all asterisks after the LAN
> gateway router's ip. Any suggestions greatly appreciated Thank you in
> advance -

Windows "tracert" sends ICMP packets.  
FreeBSD (and other Unix/Unixish systems') "traceroute" send UDP by default.
If you want, you can use traceroute(8)'s -P option to send ICMP packets.

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