Multiple Mice?

J.M. Warenda warendaj at
Mon Aug 4 19:30:39 PDT 2003

    I've been poking around reading documentation for a while and I
can't seem to find what I need to know (and granted it's entirely
possible I just missed it somewhere) ... I have installed FreeBSD 5.0
on my laptop ... I've successfully gotten all the hardware configured
and got X loading, but I want to have X support for both the touchpad
and my extra USB mouse I often (but not always) use.

    The installation defaulted to installing usbd which in turn
defaulted to launching moused upon detecting the USB mouse which I
would rather it didn't ... I don't particularly need mouse support
outside of X, and besides that moused seemed to have some serious issue
with the Microsoft "OpticalMouse blue" usb mouse ... such that the
cursor would barely move when I moved the mouse other than occasionally
jumping around the screen.

    I tried removing the lines from the usbd conf to launch moused and
just insert the additional InputDevice section in XF86Config with
driver "mouse" set to protocol "auto" and pointing to "/dev/ums0" but
... nothing.  I tried variations on this ... without usbd, changing the
order of things around but still no support for the usb mouse in X ...
the touchpad works fine (though it doesn't support the directional
scroll pad that the laptop has ... but I was reading somewhere on how
to do that and will tackle that after I have both mice working) I just
can't seem to get the usb mouse to recognize in X.  I haven't tried
using moused because of the flakey behavior ... hence I'd prefer to
avoid it all together.

    Anyone have any insight on multiple mice and usb mice in X?


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