MBR, Partition File recover

David David ddavid_3 at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 16 19:51:00 PDT 2003

Joshua!!! Just got finished restoring those files!

Man thank you so very much! for the info you provided. That little
program ( gpart ) works just great! Not too mention FreeBSD. 20 min's
to install a basic 4.7 on a drive, set it up, install gpart, check
the drive and copy the file's to another partition. Just WOW!

I have all the files from the disk ( none lost) all 12 gigs, and the
drive works with no problems what so ever. (They were all .iso and
.bz2 file's i had made previously.)

Just like nothing happened at all.

I would offer to have your first child, but seeing as thats not
possible, if you ever get around Toronto send me an email and i'll
buy your rounds for the night!

Cheers Mate!


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