sendmail woes

Brian Astill bastill at
Wed Apr 9 07:16:09 PDT 2003

Giorgos Keramidas wrote:

>You should let mergemaster install *all* the files that you don't know
>why it wants to install.  This is the canonical way of pulling in your
>local installation newly added files of the /etc hierarchy.
We MUST be getting close by now!
OK, did all the good things with mergemaster, then:
bra at BAPhD /home/bra #ls /etc/mail           aliases.db                        errors.txt                      helpfile                      mailer.conf
bra at BAPhD /home/bra #cd /etc/mail
bra at BAPhD /etc/mail #make && make install
/usr/sbin/sendmail -bi -OAliasFile=/etc/mail/aliases
[there was quite a time to wait, here, before]
/etc/mail/aliases: 25 aliases, longest 10 bytes, 254 bytes total
chmod 0640 /etc/mail/aliases.db
install -m 444 /etc/mail/
install -m 444 /etc/mail/
bra at BAPhD /etc/mail #
bra at BAPhD /etc/mail #make stop ; make restart
Stopping:/etc/rc.sendmail: stop-mta: /var/run/ not found
/etc/rc.sendmail: stop-mspq: /var/spool/clientmqueue/ not found
Restarting:/etc/rc.sendmail: restart-mta: /var/run/ not found
/etc/rc.sendmail: restart-mspq: /var/spool/clientmqueue/ 
not found

What does this tell us - other than that sendmail still isn't loading?


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