NIC Problem

Kristoffer Erlandsson krier115 at
Sun Apr 6 13:34:10 PDT 2003


I've recently installed FreeBSD and have a problem getting my NIC to work. It's a CNet pro200 with the Davicom 9102A chipset. The box is a dual boot and i'm running windows 2000 too. The card and everything works perfect in windows. But not in FreeBSD. It sets up ok, gets an IP and everything through ifconfig. Everything looks normal, default routes look good. No firewall at all is installed (it's the generic kernel directly from the installation). In other words, everything looks like it should work. But it doesn't. When I try to ping my router, nothing happens. I don't get any replies. When I try to TCPDump, I see no packets leaving my NIC. It's just as everything works but no packets are being sent or received.

I'm using the dc driver, which, according to the man page should support my card.

I saw another thread on this very subject before, and no sollution was found (check it out here:

I've checked my ifconfig, my rc.conf, my netstats, compared everything towards a friend's FreeBSD-box, and everything seems ok.

Any help would be appreciated!


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